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Upcoming trade shows

I love this time of year, when all the design trade shows are happening. It is so exciting to see the new products and trends coming out of the various trade shows. It is also a great time to see […]

13 May on Interior Design

Shade sails – an airy, energetic and imaginative structure element in the landscape

Guest post by CHRISTIANE HOMQUIST on FEBRUARY 18, 2013 Whenever I see the shade sails in this garden, I have the sensation of floating through the landscape, as though the patio was a ship sailing past islands of colorful plants […]

02 March on Interior Design

Diamond in the Rough by John Moore

This beautiful chair has an amazing story attached to it. I found this chair in the attic of a dear friend’s garage. It was painted muted green and was stamped U.S. Government 1938. I asked my dear friend about the chair […]

01 March on Interior Design

Sustainable thinking by John Moore

 Custom sideboard table   One of the titanic issues facing spaceship earth and all of its living occupants is the diminishing carrying capacity of this magnificent celestial biosphere. Carrying capacity in simple terms is the amount of stuff earthlings consume […]

28 February on Interior Design

Using a Creative Furniture Piece to Spice up Any Space by John Moore

Have you ever run across that magical something that turns a regular living space into a special place some only dream about? That first object sparks a chain reaction of endless creative possibilities that family, friends, and neighbors love to […]

10 February on Interior Design