Sustainable thinking by John Moore

28 February 2013 on Interior Design by John Moore

 Custom sideboard table


One of the titanic issues facing spaceship earth and all of its living occupants is the diminishing carrying capacity of this magnificent celestial biosphere. Carrying capacity in simple terms is the amount of stuff earthlings consume as compared to the planets available renewable and non-renewable resources.

We earthlings hoard too many things. We like too much stuff and we enjoy constant renovation of our personal spaces and possessions.

The Green revolution is currently at the forefront of many interior designer concepts. Designers are looking for ideas and products that will help them please both client and the environment.

Three buzz words come to mind in this quest for sustainable design, reduce, recycle, reuse.

One of the options designers have as an alternative to recycling items is to reuse them in artful approach. Yes it may seem odd that a client would hire an interior designer to bring used items into a sparkling new design environment, but the challenge is to be creative and seek out distinctive items whose shelf life is far from over.   

There is an advantage to reuse over recycling. It is much more cost effective to simply reuse something as compared to the recycling process of physically transforming something new out of something old. Plain and simple, recycling requires energy and energy equals dollars.

One of my favorite items to reuse is wood. Reclaimed wood has many special qualities including cost, beauty, and a comprehensible benefit to the environment.

Many lumber yards such as Frost Hardwood in San Diego offer a variety of beautiful reclaimed lumber perfect for an accoutrement to sustainable design.

Let your creative juices flow. Open your perspective to include beautiful things waiting for a new purpose in our sustainable design world.